The future of light is digital

We move light on walls

We move light on ceilings

We move light on facades

AnySize. AnyPlace. AnyShape.
#Easy2Install   #Easy2Scale

Pixel-controlled light on foil

.:: About us ::.

LightnTec is a solution provider to create immersive spaces based on motion pattern

to convert virtual to reality

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By digitizing spaces we convert virtual to reality.

Retail entertainment & customer intimacy are essential for survival of retail.

To merge Shop Design and Layout with real-time customer demands.

LightnTec enables digital transformation of Retail to keep cities alive.


Our Solution:

ledTec.flex                    AnySize. AnyPlace. AnyShape.

motionTec.sens               measure. optimize. engage.


Automated guiding, entertaining, connecting and informing people.

a) #DigitalVideoWallpaper

Pixel-controlled LED foil.
AnySize. AnyPlace. AnyShape.
Ultrathin. Ultra lightweight.

.:: More info ::.

.:: DataSheet #DigitalVideoWallpaper ::.


b) Light-Media-Content-Control

Play any Media, Fotos, Videos, RSS-feeds:
.:: LPIX-Media-Control ::.
Sympholight, or
e:cue Video Micro Converter (VMC)
and Content-Managment-Systems (CMS)
Our Family of possibilities:

.:: Light-Media-Content-Control ::.

c) 3D-Motion Analytics

"3D-Motion Analytics" to detect people
in spaces of DOOH, Retail and Hospitality.
To automize playback of Light and Media Content out of the Cloud.
For Walls. For Ceilings. For Facades.
Indoor. Outdoor. GDPR compliant.

:: 3D Motion Analytics - Light- and Retail Intelligence ::.

d) "Sails-of-Light"

Luminous surfaces in standard sizes: dynamic “Sails of Light” behind diffusers.
Any of your video content for ever-changing immersive spaces. Plug&Play.
An easy start to digitize #LuminousWalls and #ImmersiveSpaces.

.:: Sails of Light - luminous surfaces ::.

.:: Applications ::.

We move Light on #Walls

Connecting people to immersive spaces. #DigitalVideoWallpaper invented by LightnTec Germany. CE approved. EMC, RoHs, WEE, REACH compliant. UL FCC class A scheduled for Q4 2019.

We move Light on #Ceilings #ImmersiveSpaces

Ultra lightweight. Grams only: So safety-standards like BGV-C1 irrelevant! To be mounted within minutes. Ever changing environments: For Retail, Architecture, Hospitality, Waiting-areas and more. Fire protection certificates (B1according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501-1 upon request.

We move Light on #Facades

Approved for Outdoor. To be installed within existing Banner-Frames. For self-promotion, temporary usage, and at your place of service (POS) in most cases no building-permit required. With #DigitalVideoBanner you easily start to digitally communicate into public space.

We move Light for #Retail

Are you ready to digitize your space? In any Size. Any Place. And in any Shape. Combined with "3D-Motion Sensors and Analytics" a powerful tool to individualize immersive spaces. Adopted automatically. Ever changing luminous spaces: Light- and Retail Intelligence by LightnTec Germany.

.::more applications::.

.:: 3D-Digital-Signage ::. to convert virtual to reality.

By pixel controlled light foils we digitise immersive spaces for active way-guiding, informing and entertaining. We convert virtual to reality on ceilings, on floors, around pillars, on walls or facades. Any Size. Any Place. Any Shape.

We move Light for #Automotive

Ultrathin. Ultra lightweight. Any Size. Any Shape. Ideal to dynamically illuminate homogeneously luminous surfaces inside commercial Vehicles.

We move Light for #Tradshows

Easy to install (5 Minute installation time per m² - no prework, no drilling hole nor any subconstruction required. You install Foil! Safety Standard BGV-C1 irrelevant: Grams only! Fire protection certificates available.

We move Light for #Rental

Due to quick mounting of #DigitalVideoWallpaper and #DigitalVideoBanner to be used temporarily and in a Rental Model. Easy to install (5 Minute installation time per m² - no preworkno drilling hole nor any subconstruction required. Safety Standard BGV-C1 irrelevant: You install a foil! So grams only. Any Size. Any Place. Any Shape. Connecting people to architecture. "3D-Motion Sensors and Analytics to automize the individualisation of your Media-Content. Light- and Retail Intelligence. Made by LightnTec Germany.

How it works

Pixel controlled Light on Foil: #DigitalVideoWallpaper and #DigitalVideoBanner.