> By digitizing spaces we convert virtual to reality <

Automated guiding, entertaining, connecting and informing people in DOOH.


LightnTec pixel-controlled skin LED-surfaces are very thin, ultralight, flexible, cuttable and bright. Our innovative high- tech material ledTec.flex are manufactured in Germany (Karlsruhe) and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Or product family ledTec.flex | Wallpaper P50 | Banner P37 | Display P5) is like a flexible LED-display on foil substrate and can play standard video content.

anyShape - cuttable

anySize - ultra large

anyPlace - bendable

ledTec.flex l wallpaper l P50 l RGB

This is a thin flexible LED wallpaper unit including 12 x 12 pixels (600 x 600mm) with individually controllable LED by a 50mm pixel pitch respectively. The foil has 1600NIT (cd/sqm) and is suitable for shaped indoor applications with architactual integration on indoor digital media surfaces for applications in lighting boxes on ceiling or walles, also on glass or translucent surfaces such as renovation.

ledTec.flex l banner l P37 l RGB

This is a thin flexible LED banner unit including 16 x 15 pixels (600 x 560mm) with individually controllable LED by a 37mm pixel pitch respectively. The foil has 5000NIT (cd/sqm) and is suitable for shaped indoor/outdoor applications with outdoor banner and digital signe and also by architactual integration on indoor digital media surfaces for applications in lighting boxes on ceiling or walles.

ledTec.flex l display l P5 l RGB

This is a thin flexible LED display Unit including 192 x 48 pixels (960 x 240mm) with a 5.0mm pixel pitch respectively. This unit has built-in 1GByte and supports up to 100 playlist entries. The foil has 3000NIT and is suitable for shaped indoor applications with high lumen output and limitted space requirements.

With motionTec.sens (tracking sensors, cameras and cmsPro-Cloud) we are detecting, counting and tracking people in 3D-spaces. With data automatically analysed by motionTec.sens | AI-Analytics (incl. path analysis, dwell time, purchase power, gender and age) we control any Digital-Signage as well as ledTec.flex LED-foils to play back Videos. For connecting, guiding, entertaining and informing people for a unique customer experience. Automized. Personilzed. Real-time. For personalised content. For individualised mood-ambience. „We convert virtual to reality!”

We help you understanding and knowing your customer in realtime!


  • Changeable tasks: in times of minimum Corona-risks (given f.e. by the health authorities of the district) the motion.Tec.sens-camera to detect on “gender & age” (for personalised ads). In time of medium or high Corona risk: motionTec.sens to detect on safe occupancy, safe distancing or masks .
  • Input via Web-Frontend per zone or door: Max. visitor, max distances & to upload Videos.
    Output via Monitor and acc. to scalable warning concept per door or zone, such as SMS warning to security or police and interfaces (APIs) to prevent access by automatic doors, ecalators or lifts.
  • Accuracy  >99%, à reaction time: <1 Second.
  • DSGVO/GDPR certified.

motionTec.sens from LightnTec is a fuel plug and play internet connected sensors and cameras, LightnTec´s motionTec.sens equips spaces (SmartVenues, Retailers, and Advertisers) with realtime unprecedented insights.

we convert virtual to reality
measure. optimize. engage.

motionTec.sens l people tracking

motionTec.sens | people tracking | Path Analytics | Gender & Age | For personalised ads. For indvidual mood-ambience.

People tracking and hotspots are recorded by the sensors and processed into data directly in the sensor. The intelligent software allows analyses to be carried out and thus tracks and analyzes visitor flows. Visitors and customers can be guided and informed by targeted information or advertising. Via a video output, videos or information can be quickly uploaded to a monitor. By a combination of sensors and standard security cameras the data quality can be increased even more. Recurring customer can be recognized and appropriate advertising can be displayed. With headmapping you can be recorded and evaluating your customer.



Airports, train stations, etc.

Fairs, event halls, stadium, etc.

Shopping centers, shopping streets, etc.

motionTec.sens l safe distancing

motionTec.sens | safe distancing | Camera-based measuring of distances in between people. For large spaces such as airports, congress-centers, malls and exhibition halls: (https://youtu.be/RkuSq4wlFqw),

motionTec.sens l occupancy management

motionTec.sens | occupancy management | Multi-door people counting for occupancy management for anySpace in retail, malls and exhibitions.

motionTec.sens l mask detection

motionTec.sens | mask detection | Camera-based detection of people wearing masks in public spaces, in- and outdoor.